Neuadd Pontrobert Hall Hire Agreement


The hirer of the hall must be at least 18 years old. In booking the hall the hirer is accepting this agreement and held responsible for compliance with it. In the case of affiliated organisations their hall committee representative is assumed to be designated as the hirer unless notification of another organisations member, in writing, has been made to the hall secretary. Hire of the hall entitles the hirer to enter and use the hall for the hire period only.

Hirer responsibilities - during the period of hire the hirer must ensure:

1. The safety of those using the hall. In particular the hirer should familiarise themselves with the hall evacuation plan displayed in the hall foyer and in the event that the fire alarm sounds be responsible for its implementation.

2. That those attending the hall are aware of the location of the fire exits. The fire exits should be pointed out to the attendees at the start of the event.

3. That the fire exits and routes are kept clear of tables and chairs.

4. The hirer understand how to operate the fire doors.

5. Compliance with the non smoking policy for public meeting places.

6. Any electrical equipment is brought into the hall for the event complies with the guidance contained in the Health and Safety Executive document “Maintaining portable and transportable electrical equipment.”

7. No explosive and combustible materials such as gas cylinders or flammable liquids are brought into the hall. (DSEAR compliance)

8. In the event of an accident to any person within the hall or the hall grounds ensure that the details are recorded in the hall accident book located on the right of the doorway into the kitchen. An hall officer should be contacted to discuss the event to determine if it is reportable to the Health and Safety Executive (RIDDOR compliance) and to ensure the reports confidentiality.

9. That the fabric of the hall, its fixtures and its contents are safe from damage. The hirer may be directed by the hall Chairperson to make good or pay for any damage.

10. The behaviour of those using the hall is not disorderly and does not cause a nuisance to the hall's neighbours or users of the highway. The hall officers have the right to close an event if they consider that a serious nuisance remains unresolved.

11. Activities undertaken do not contravene the terms of the licences held by the hall.

12. Correct licenses are in place for any copyright material to be used.

13. If children are in attendance particular attention is to be paid to the non sale of alcohol to those under 18 years old and compliance with the age recommendations of the British Board of Film Classification, if a film is shown.

14. If food is provided that the activity complies with the Food Hygiene Rating (Wales)

Act 2013.

15. Compliance with the Fair Trading Laws if goods are to be for sale.

16. No animals, with the exception of guide dogs, are to be brought into the hall unless by prior arrangement with a hall officer.

17. Any acts are not dangerous to the audience or are sexually explicit.

18. The hall is left as it was found at the end of the event with chairs and tables properly stacked, kitchen equipment used washed and put away and the hall floor

Neuadd Pontrobert Hall Hire Agreement

Swept. There is the facility for the disposal of general waste in the kitchen bin and there are limited recycling facilities available in the car park. Recyclable materials not catered for are to be removed by the hirer for disposal. At the discretion of the chairperson a charge of £5 for Items left if they require disposal by hall officers.

Licences held by the hall:

1. Entertainment licence.

2. Registered for section 11 part 5 Gambling act.

3. PVS Community Cinema Licence.

4. If a bar is to be held for the sale of alcohol then it needs to be administered by a permanent licence holder or a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) needs to be applied for. If you intend to apply for a TEN approval is needed from the Hall Secretary as the number issued each year for the premises is limited. Information held by the Hall Secretary is also required for the application.

Organisations hiring the hall to provide services for children or vulnerable adults.

Organisations providing services for children must comply with the Children’s act 1989 and 2004. They must have a safeguarding policy which can be made available to the hall committee on request. Similarly organisations that provide services to the elderly or to vulnerable adults must have safeguarding policies in place which can be made available to the hall committee on request.

Equipment provided:

Included in the hire is:

1. The tables and chairs stacked in the main hall.

2. The use of the hall kitchen equipment, utensils and crockery.

3. Use of the hall sound system.

4. Use of hall broad band

5. There is a telephone housed in the first kitchen cupboard. It can be used to contact the emergency services or to contact the hall officers for advice. Any other usage during the hire period can be charged to the hirer at the direction of the hall Chairperson.

6. Cleaning equipment is located in the cupboard in the disabled toilet.

7. Also available by arrangement: Staging, Cinema equipment (subject to a charge for operation) and Basic bar equipment.

Note that the equipment in the rear store belongs to affiliated organisations and is not available for general use. Any food products stored in the kitchen also belong to affiliated organisations and is also not for general use.

Booking cancellation

If the hirer wishes to cancel a booking and the date cannot be rebooked the Hall Treasurer has discretion over the payment or repayment of fees. The hall reserve the right to cancel a booking if the hall is required for an election, funeral tea, emergency use (such as storm/ flooding/ civil defence) or non compliance with this agreement.