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We bring high-speed broadband to rural areas using land-based wireless networking. We are a Midlands based company with our own network covering 4 English Counties and an increasing coverage throughout Powys. Grant funding from the Welsh Government Broadband Support Scheme has made it possible for us to extend our service reach into some very poorly served areas of Powys and maintain accessible monthly costs.

Our service does not rely on your telephone line but uses a small radio device attached to the outside of your house (see example photos). This is how we can offer speeds of 20mbps. You can also run your telephone service over the internet, which saves you money on your telephone line rental. We offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee.

To test your speed and apply for the service go to  www.airband.co/powys

Examples of antenna installations













Pontrobert air band leaflet (pdf)
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