On Monday 20 September, the award ceremony for the 2010 2011 climate change challenge was held at the Bridges community centre in Monmouth. It was attended by representatives from the Bridges Centre, Bloomfield community centre, Narberth and by our own challenge champion John Rose ,accompanied by his wife, Wendy. The results of the challenge were announced by John Griffiths, Minister for the Environment and Sustainability. Our own centre was named as the winners of the challenge, with the Bridges and Bloomfield centres as runners up. As well as plaques, each centre received financial awards for the halls to spend on projects that will further reduce the centres carbon footprint. We will allocate our award of 2000 towards the replacement of our old oil fired central heating boiler with a more efficient type.





Boiler Replacement Update the installation of a new Firebird condensing boiler will be undertaken on February 14,15 and 16 of February. The work will also include a new control for the main hall so that the boiler will shut down and starts up at  set  room temperatures. The opportunity is also being taken to install new pipe work and a dual boiler controller, ready, so that the meeting room can eventually be heated independently of  the main building.





Tips to reduce my carbon footprint booklet - 

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