Pontrobert 350 Club


1.         The competition will be restricted to a maximum number of THREE HUNDREDAND FIFTY members each paying £5 on joining.

2.         Each member has been allocated a number between 1 and 350 on joining  which cannot be changed during the twelve month period.

3.         The competition will be run over a period of twelve months holding twelve draws, one per month, commencing in May  and ending in April the following year.

4.         Draws will normally take place at the monthly Whist Drive in full view of  those present. Winners will be informed and paid their prize as soon as possible after the draw.

 5.         Each month there will be 4 prizes of:  1st   - £25   2nd - £20  3rd -  £15  4th -  £10  and in December a Christmas Bonus of £35 5th prize

6.         In case of dispute the Promoterís decision will be final.

7.         The competition is promoted in accordance with the provision of the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976.

8.         The Association reserve the right to alter the prize money in the event of all the tickets not being sold.